Good question.  Let me tell you what we do.  This solution was formed out of a partnership between Best Rigs Best Bets and White Rhino Security.   The need was that as we travel for business or pleasure, we had to have a secure way to run our businesses, do our banking, and just keep our communications safe at the resort, hotel, campground, etc.  So as we discussed it with each other, we came up with our VPN solution and our mobile firewall solution.  We saw two different needs.  Our first need was to keep our information that we transferred over the Internet safe from those around us.  We knew that people could get that data (capture it) and potentially use it, and we didn’t want that.  So we created our VPN solution that keeps our data private and secure.

Big Rigs Best Bets’ concerns: In order to keep credit card information secure, Adam and Alicia needed the VPN to process their RV resort guide book sales.  This made taking payment information secure.  This VPN solution provided just what they needed.  Encrypting the information prevents anyone from reading or using it.  They also had other things that were of concern to them, primarily doing their banking online while traveling in their Class A RV.  Encryption was important to them, and that is what our VPN solution does.  You can find their book at their website by Clicking Here.

White Rhino Security’s concerns:  Shane and Bethany needed to be able to keep their customer’s information safe as they did cyber security work.  As a cyber security company, it was imperative to them that all customer data be kept encrypted, which is what this VPN solution did for them.  Shane and Bethany also had company email and other concerns to keep safe, like company bookkeeping, etc and this VPN solution was the right fit as they traveled.   You can find their cyber security service at their website by Clicking Here.

Next, we saw the need for, as we travel, to not have to use the public WiFi (at the hotel, coffee shoppe, etc).  So we created our own firewall Internet solution.  This ensured that we had secure internet without having to connect to anyone’s public WiFi.    This was also a big security win for us, and we know it will be a big win for you also as you travel.